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Founded in 1997 in Florence, Italy and now based in Switzerland,
Anonimo Polluce 455 Magnum Bronze Exhibition, Ref: 2033, Limited to 299, Mint Minus Condition (Papers Dated May 2012) $4,147

History and Evolution

Anonimo has a long tradition of manufacturing high-quality tool watches. Aestheticism
inspired by Italian elegance, an Anonimo watch expresses both robustness and
functionality through its distinctive design and solid case.

The values of originality, seriousness and closeness carry across the two decades. This feeling is reinforced by the careful choice of materials, such as treated or stainless steel or bronze. The brand was one of the first users in watchmaking, and that is still included in each of its lines..

The birth – or occasional rebirth – of a company is always a noteworthy phenomenon in the galaxy of watchmaking. It grants us the chance to follow the formation of a new star. That will shine on for decades or even centuries to come. Or the sight of a falling star, something that only temporarily existed and barely left anything significant behind.

Those familiar with the brand will know that the creation of Anonimo in 1997 already meant a second chance.  A new beginning in itself. It happened that year that Officine Panerai was purchased by the Vendome Group of Richemont SA. An important acquisition for this giant luxury group that owns A. Lange & Söhne. Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, Piaget and several others.

The new owners of Panerai relocated its manufacturing and design facilities to Switzerland. While leaving several of its engineers, craftsmen, and much of its Florentine manufacturing heritage behind. Consequently, Anonimo’s birth meant a new beginning partly because some of those craftsmen who used to work for Panerai started working there. Partly because with Anonimo there remained a luxury watch brand in Florence.