Clerc Hydroscaph Central Chronograph

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Since 1874, the famous watchmaking maison Clerc has been operating on the market of high-end timepieces and sophisticated chronographs and conquered the world with the unique engineering and style of its products. From the very beginning, this company stuck to a plan of producing one-of-a-kind luxurious watches for men and women of the high social rank
Clerc Hydroscaph Central Chronograph in Steel Black DLC w/ Black Dial, Limited to 500, Ref: CHY-266 – NIB (Papers Dated February 2017) $5,880
Clerc Hydroscaph GMT in Steel Black DLC w/ Black Dial, MOP GMT Sub-Dial, Ref: GMT-2.1.5 – NIB (No Papers) $4,173
Clerc Hydroscaph H1 in Steel on Steel Bracelet, Slver Dial – NIB (No Box or Papers) $2,882

Hollywood stars, artists, and wealthy people in business were its loyal clients for many years. Today, this tendency is preserved, and one can’t imagine the modern world of the Haute Horlogerie without this extraordinary brand. More than 40 years ago, an ambitious and clever man called Gerald Clerc founded a watchmaking company producing fine pocket watches of the Swiss quality.

Fabulous decoration and sophisticated construction of his watches brought him success quickly enough. Inspired by the very essence of the watchmaking industry, this genius men led his successful firm to the future victories. While developing new technologies and innovations for his products, Gerald Clerc didn’t notice how his pocket watches transformed into wrist ones.

Famous brand’s products were extremely sophisticated, and they provided customers with the perfect measurement of time. The brand has been maintaining its reputation from the very moment of launching the first collection of fine Clerc watches till our days. In 1970, the watchmaking house cooperated with such popular brands as Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, and many other good and well-known firms. Its products were highly appreciated by the most genius and outstanding people of the planet.

Salvador Dali was obsessed with the marvelous appearance of Clerc timepieces and highly evaluated their design and craftsmanship. The historical event for the brand happened in the 1950s when General de Gaulle gifted a unique, custom model of the luxurious and elegant Clerc watch to Nikita Khrushchev. It was a great honor for the brand to represent the watchmaking craftsmanship of the entire France. Those years were crucial for the firm, as many novelties and changes appeared.

For example, the Clerc brand produced the first waterproof watches for divers. Due to the hermetically sealed cases and thick glasses, these timepieces withstand the water pressure, which allows them to work accurately even at the extreme depth. Many professional marine scientists and divers welcomed this great invention of the honorable watchmaking house.

With the recent premiere of the documentary dedicated to the genius marine scientist Jacque-Yves Cousteau, scuba diving has gained the enormous popularity among the wider public. Hence, the necessity to produce more waterproof watches appeared, causing the great demand on the market. Clerc used watches for divers are much sought after by numerous athletes and collectors of unique and original watches. The company’s dedication to constant innovations and upgrades makes it one of the most outstanding and genius brands existing in the modern world.

Its designers and watchmen are aimed at creating advanced technologies of the future to add high-tech elements to each of the company’s products. When wearing a Clerc timepiece, you possess not only high-end accessory made by the best professionals but also a reflection of future innovations.