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Rare Watches do so much more than tell the time. For many, they have become collectors’ items, and the community of watch collectors is a growing one. Here we look at why people collect watches and the emotions behind them.

The reasons people collect watches can be quite diverse, and like most collections, each individual usually has their own motivations. However, there are certain themes when it comes to rare watch collecting and customarily it’s more about the emotion of the pieces, rather than logic.

As more and more people are discovering a love of rare watches, here we explore why some people are inspired to collect rare watches.


Many collectors view luxury exquisite timepieces as miniature works of art that are masterpieces in their own right. The craftsmanship and expertise that are required to build them make them something to truly cherish and appreciate. They are intricate and elaborate mechanisms, with hundreds of tiny parts working in tandem, that require incredible skill to build. Rare Watch collectors are often fascinated by the mechanical movements and advancements in wristwatches. It is this micro-engineering that’s incredibly fascinating, and it continues to develop year on year with amazing new pieces. The harmony between technological advances and the tradition of watchmaking, with the hands-on skills of the craftsmen, is held in high esteem by rare watch collectors all over the world.

Why do people like collecting watches?A watch collection can tell a very personal story. For some collectors, they may have been gifted their first luxury timepieces on a special occasion, an important birthday, achievement or milestone. This could be the start of your collection and each watch after may tell the story of an important moment in your life.

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Our world-class rare watches have an ever-changing line of rare, collectible, and vintage timepieces as part of their inventory. At any one time, a collector might find a Graff Diamonds – Hallucination, Graff Diamonds – Fascination, Chopard – 201 carats, Jacob & Co –Billionaire, Patek Philippe – 1518,Vacheron Constantin – Kallania and a Mouawad – Snow White Princess Diamond Watch.

 Rare Watches has an inventory to suit every desire, from the exotic to the practical.

View our Rare Watch inventory for a list and photos of the current stock or contact Rare Watches and let us know what you are interested in, and we will help you find it. Our Swiss-trained watchmakers examine all watches purchased before putting them in inventory. Most of our rare watches come with a one-year warranty.

If you have more questions about buying any new or used vintage rare watches, please contact us at Noel@RareWatches.org or call 7729131456

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