What are Homage Watches?

Over the last few years, homage watches from Alpha to Steinhart and Squale have made it far easier to acquire the watches we love but cannot afford. Even so, many enthusiasts and collectors would take the stance that such watches do not make up for their lack of originality with other virtues. Nevertheless, there are some situations when an homage watch has contributed far more to the watch market and our appreciation of aspirational watches than we give it credit for. In today’s video, I’d like to present three such cases.

I know many of you love coming to and looking over my watch collection for sale. We have a list of the best Rare Watches of well-known brands like Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet. You leave the website and say” That’s cool if I was a multi-millionaire, I might buy one of these.”  But I’m not a millionaire but heck I really love these watches and would love to own one.

With today’s technology of digital 3D printers, laser cutting, rapid prototyping, and design, they are building very affordable watches. These technologies can build a watch that can rival Rolex in Quality. So, you can now buy a watch as well built as a Rolex or even better for a few hundred bucks instead of thousands. These watches are called Homage watches.

What are homage watches?

As mentioned above, the definition of “homage watches” can vary from person to person. But a general understanding is that these are watches that pay tribute to popular watch brands or even specific models. In other words, makers of homage watches try to create more affordable versions of existing watch models

And when I said “more affordable versions”, I meant duplicating the design up to the smallest details. This is exactly the reason why some people regard them as counterfeits or fakes. But are they really?

Are they just glorified counterfeit watches?

Based on what I’ve said above, you might be thinking that these homage watches are just replicas. However, there is one thing that separates them from outright copies. Their makers don’t pass them off as the real thing. They don’t even illegally use the logos and names of the watches they try to pay homage to. In fact, some even proudly market their models as a homage of a certain watch.

Their main objective is not to pretend, but to pay respect to their more expensive counterparts. And to make them more available to fans who cannot afford the real thing. In a way, they can be likened to covering or remixing popular songs.

This is why a homage watch is sometimes a nice alternative to settle for, if you like the general design and style of a luxury watch but can’t quite afford it, then a homage watch is a way to go.

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